Student Loans For Those With Bad Credit

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Student Loans For Those With Bad Credit
Student Loans For Those With Bad Credit

When it comes time for you to start college, you really do not want your bad credit to get in the way. The good news, too, is that it does not have to. You still have access to a number of loans – and at reasonable rates. Here is some information to tell you about what kind of student loans are available to you.

One thing that should help you to relax some is that a number of available college loans from the government do not even look at your credit rating. They tend to make the assumption that applicants are fresh out of high school and have not had any time to even think about their credit rating – let alone build a decent one. One of these is the Stafford loan, which allows anyone to apply.

The Stafford loans come in two different types – subsidized and unsubsidized. The subsidized version of this loan is based entirely on the need the student has for that year. If you get the loan, you must also apply each year that you need the benefits. One nice thing about this loan is that it pays your interest while you are in school. The unsubsidized version is available to any student – regardless of your need.

Another Federal loan that does not require good credit is the Perkins loan. This loan is made available to students through their entire college years. It can provide amounts up to $4,000 per year, for a total of $20,000
Both of these loan programs should be looked at before you look anywhere else. When it comes to interest, any Federal loan program will be lower than anywhere else. This means it will provide you with the most savings over the years that it will take to pay it back.

One school loan that could also help you to subsidize that education, even if you have bad credit, is an OSL loan. These private loans are more expensive than the Federal school’s loans but remain less expensive than your more standard traditional personal loans. They are not backed by the Government, but at the same time, will give a higher percentage toward your education goals than the Federal loans.

Another way to get a loan for your education, even though you have bad credit, is to get a PLUS program. This loan actually needs to be made by the parents of the student. Since the student is not actually applying, the basis of the interest rating will be on that of the parents and not on the bad credit of the student.

Other loans are available to those with bad credit. Some of these will apply to the special field of education, such as medical, etc., which can be obtained as personal loans. When it comes to getting any other kind of loan, other than Federal, be sure to do some comparing to see which one is the best. In many cases, it will be necessary to get loans from different sources in order to complete your education

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